miércoles, 3 de febrero de 2010

The Codewriting Workbook (2009)

"(...) More generally, any assemblage of points, lines, surfaces, or volumes could be described by a procedure for generating its coordinates. Such procedures could be "parametrized". This book is for adventures who want to embark on the exciting and rewarding path of meta-design. It introduces the basic principles of computer programming, relates these to the concerns of visual and spatial designers, and provides numerous examples as starting points for further development. It will challenge you to think critically about fundamental design ideas, question your assumptions, and liberate your imagination." -Foreward by William J. Mitchell
The Codewriting Workbook: Creating Computational Architecture in AutoLISP by Robert J. Krawczyk
Princeton Architectural Press 2009.
Limited Preview in Books.Google. and Autolisp Function Files and Additional Material.

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