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WF_094 rhino scripting seminar: July 2009

Workshops Factory_094 rhino scripting seminar: NYC :: July :: 2009
The role of the computer as an integral tool for architecture is rapidly changing. When once it was simply used to create construction documents it is now used as a design aid and in some cases a consultant. This class will offer the opportunity for architects and designers to begin to understand and utilize the algorithmic process as a tool for design by way of Rhinoscript. Scripting is not considered a means to an end but rather a valuable tool used to make certain tasks less tedious and certain decisions more informed.
There are many tools currently available to achieve parametric control of a project. We are choosing Rhinoscipt because of its relatively low cost and high level of resources and documentation. We also feel it is important for our students to come away from the class more comfortable with computer syntax. Learning to understand syntax is a timeless skill which will always be at the core of the algorithmic process. Additionally we feel that scripting is something that is learned overtime with a very “hands on” attitude. This is why we leave ample time between classes for independent investigation.

Workshops Factory (WF) :: Krzysztof Jakub Gornicki :: Dorota Kabała :: Agata Kycia :: Krystian Kwieciński :: Michal Piasecki :: Monika Szawioła :: Erik Thorson.

Class Structure
Classes will be held from 7:30 to 10 on Wednesday nights at 28 west 27th st in Manhattan at Studios GO . Each class will consist of a short lecture, guided example and work session. Scripts will be distributed to provide an example and basis for independent study between classes.
For further information and pricing contact workshops factory : email
with the subject “nyc”. Spaces are limited and people will be accepted on a first come first serve basis. Please find the Syllabus

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